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The 11th AI Art & Aesthetics Research Meeting "Future AI"
Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition Symposium 03

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  • [Date]

    • November 26, 2017 14:00-19:30
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  • [Lecture]

    • Koichi Takahashi
      Principal Investigator, RIKEN. Vice-chair, The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative
    • Hideki Nakazawa
      Artist, Founder and Representative of Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group
    • Rolf Pfeifer
      Dr. sc. techn. ETH Prof. em. University of Zurich, Switzerland Dept. of Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Scientific Consultant: "Living with Robots" Ltd.
    • Moderator: Kenji Doya (OIST), Hideki Nakazawa (AIAARG)
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    • Free
  • [Organizer]

    • Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)
  • [Organizer]

    • Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)
  • [In collaboration with]

    • Goethe Institut
    • In collaboration with: Goethe-Institut Tokyo, as a part of "A Better Version of 人", a common project by the Goethe-Institutes in East Asia

Lecture Content

  • "How we shall reinvent ourselves"
    Koichi Takahashi

    • I will discuss technological singularity and post-singularity civilization, especially putting emphases on what we could learn from the history and nature of humanity. The eastern view of the universe, that most prominently exemplified by esoteric buddhists' mandalas, can play a role in developing robust ecosystem involving machines, humanity, and post-humans.
    • 高橋恒一
  • "The Route to 'Machine Aesthetics / Machine Art'"
    Hideki Nakazawa

    • If human gives a goal, artificial intelligence program works well. The swing robot creates more than human beings in just over a dozen minutes and the battle between AI Go is a fight of God beyond human understanding. So if a human gives human aesthetics as an obvious goal, artificial intelligence creates art. This is "Human Aesthetics / Machine Art." However, human aesthetics are not trivial, for example, the Eiffel Tower made by machine calculation was initially criticized by artists for not being aesthetic. Such "Machine Aesthetics / Human Art" will arrive at the "art for art's sake" that aimed at art itself. Well today, artificial intelligence cannot find its own goal. But if this premise breaks down, artificial intelligence can make art aimed at machine aesthetics. If this arrives at "art for art's sake," "Machine Aesthetics / Machine Art" beyond human understanding will emerge.
      * (IV) "Manifesto of Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics" (8) Tunnel Gallery.
      * (II) "Go Stone Arrangement Painting No. 1: 35 by 35," "No. 2," "No. 3" (15) Level B, Center Bldg.
    • 中ザワヒデキ
  • "Living with robots - Coping with the 'Robot/AI Hype'"
    Rolf Pfeifer

    • Artificial Intelligence or AI has a history of hypes. I will argue that for a number of years, there been and there still is a huge robotic/AI hype and that we are facing a big danger that the bubble will burst if we - engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs - don't manage to deliver on the promises. And we must design and build robots that do have useful sensory-motor functionality that goes beyond merely talking andsmiling. Although robots have been around for more than half a century, the term has acquired an entirely new quality since robots, roughly 25 years ago, started leaving the factory floors moving into our own living space.
    • ロルフ・ファイファー