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The 9th AI Art & Aesthetics Research Meeting "AI's aesthetics and art "
Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Exhibition Symposium 01

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  • [Date]

    • November 12, 2017 14:00-19:00 (open 13:30)
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  • [Lecture]

    • Tatsuo Unemi
      Professor, Dr. of Eng., Dean, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Soka University [Exhibitor]
    • Mike Tyka
      Artist working with Molecular Sculpture and Neural networks Google Engineer and Machine Learning Researcher []Exhibitor]
    • Minoru Tsukada
      PhD, MD. Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute Visiting Professor, Professor Emeritus, Artist (Nihongafu, Executive) [Exhibitor]
    • Moderator: Hideki Nakazawa (AIAARG)
  • [Entrance Fee]

    • Free
    • Simultaneous interpretation (J/E)
  • [Organizer]

    • Artificial Intelligence Art and Aesthetics Research Group (AIAARG)
  • [In collaboration with]

    • Goethe Institut
    • In collaboration with: Goethe-Institut Tokyo, as a part of "A Better Version of 人", a common project by the Goethe-Institutes in East Asia
  • [Sponsored by]

    • Kakenhi on Innovative Areas: Artificial Intelligence and Brain Science
    • Post-K Exploratory Challenge: Whole-brain Simulation and Brain-style AI

Lecture Content

  • Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, for the Computer by the Computer -- toward Evolutionary Art Theory
    Tatsuo Unemi

    • We often encounter people who believe that beauty is based on human's feelings. But some the others say the God created beauty and humans are just struggling to understand it. We also hear an opinion that both creativity and artistic activity are realized only by humans, and it is impossible by apes and machines. Are these true? According to the scientific findings, human is one of the species that appeared in the long stream of biological evolution. The intelligence and the emotion are also functionalities emerged as a result of this process. The author does never negate the existence of subjective feeling and mind inside of each person, but he thinks it would be possible to talk about beauty, creativity, and the arts sharable among the machines from a viewpoint of Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life. This talk introduces some thoughts on these issues based on the author's challenges toward Evolutionary Art Theory.
    • 畒見達夫
  • Neural networks: a new opportunity for art
    Mike Tyka

    • Throughout history, technological breakthroughs have often deeply influenced the world of art. We are currently in the midst of such a technological change: artificial neural networks are beginning to be able to perform well on difficult tasks from image or speech recognition to playing complex games such as Go and these technologies are rapidly becoming part of our daily lives. Likewise artists are experimenting with new ways to create art. After a short introduction to neural networks and how they work I will present some of my experiments over the last two years, including making large scale art with Google’s DeepDream algorithm, currently exhibited at OIST. I will also cover experiments with Generative Adversarial Networks to generate a series of imaginary portraits, which explore the strangeness of the "uncanny valley". Finally I will present a collaboration with Refik Anadol where we invite the viewer to consider alternate histories by generating imaginary items based on the real historical archive.
    • マイク・タイカ
  • Brain, Artificial Intelligence and Human Art
    Minoru Tsukada

    • The art is the creation by human and also the presentation of human life. From the view point, I have been painting pictures crossed my mind for sixty long years. Artificial intelligence (A.I.) art becomes an extremely attractive one, if the dynamic function of learning and memory in human brain is embedded in that of A.I. It is now possible to bind between the symbol processing and the pattern dynamics. The situation will develop rapidly through the mutual communication and cooperation of brain science, A.I. and art.[J]
    • 塚田稔